The best things in life contain nutmeg

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a big fan of nutmeg. It goes with pretty much everything and salmon is no exception.

Fill your basket up with thin asparagus, garlic, spinach, a bunch of spring onions, sesame seeds, and some decent straight-to-wok egg noodles.
Locate the teriyaki sauce and ground nutmeg.

Bag yourself good quality salmon fillets, smoked or unsmoked.
Marinate your salmon fillets beforehand in the teriyaki sauce for at least 4-5 hours.

When the time arrives, place the fillets on an oven tray.
Lightly season and dust generously with the ground nutmeg.
Drizzle lightly with sesame or olive oil.
Turn on the grill to hot…

Crush or finely chop 1 clove of garlic.
Chop finely about a third of the spring onions and good handful of the spinach.
Heat some olive oil in a wok on medium heat.

Place the salmon under the grill in the middle of the oven for 10-11 minutes.
Whilst the salmon is cooking, add the garlic, spring onions and a tbsp of the sesame seeds to your wok.
Remain on medium heat for 7 minutes.
Now add the noodles and asparagus and cook on a med-high heat for 3 minutes or until the noodles start to crisp very slightly.
Finally add the spinach and reduce to a low heat for 1 minute.

The outside of the salmon should be a golden-brown. Remove from under the grill and combine with the stir fry.
Serve whichever way you want, squeeze some lime juice over the top if you’re in the mood.
Settle in.



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