Losing my rarebit virginity

I suppose you could be forgiven for thinking rarebit is simply posh cheese on toast.

I was in Manchester doing a bit of festive shopping with my good pal Jones and stumbled into a little place called The Terrace for lunch… with a very decent menu. Once I had spotted Lancashire rarebit, the decision was made.

Do some research online and you’ll find the potential ingredients are pretty expansive. Irish rarebit includes stout and mustard while Welsh rarebit recipes often include ale and cayenne pepper.

The rarebit I had on this occasion featured sourdough bread with a cheddar cheese topping which included mustard and Worcestershire sauce.


Real tasty.

Go try it if you haven’t or find a recipe yourself!

This recipe by Munchies is certainly a good watch…

Jones’ grin providing plenty cheese of its own!


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